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Foster's Seamless Gutter Care

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How are the gutters attached to the fascia board?

A. We use a hidden hanger every 2 feet and 2-inch zinc-plated screws for a premium fit.

Q. What kind of finish is on the aluminum gutters?

A. It is a baked on enamel from the mill.

Q. What colors do seamless gutters come in?

A. There are now over 40 colors to choose from.

Q. Is your company insured?

A. Yes, liability and WHSCC certificate available upon request.

Q. How far is your working radius?

A. We work throughout the HRM and surrounding areas.

Q. How long do most installations take?

A. Most jobs take between 2-6 hours.

Q. How are the gutters made/installed?

A. Seamless Gutter Care will arrive at your home with a seamless gutter machine. Each gutter is measured and cut to specific measurements, then screwed to the home.

Q. Where are downspouts typically installed?

A. Seamless Gutter Care carefully assesses your situation to find the best location to direct runoff away from your house. Each solution begins with input and collaboration with the customer.